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Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt & turn window
Ideal window solution for multiple storey houses
Engineered timber used for strength and rigidity
Triple glazing option available for improved energy performance
Multi point locking system to keep your family and possessions safe
Tilt & turn triple glazed window
Tilt & turn double glazed window

Timber tilt and turn windows are a popular choice across Europe and are now gaining in popularity among homeowners, designers, and architects in the UK.  The increase in popularity is due to their functionality and easy maintenance from inside the property.

Schnauber bespoke timber tilt and turn windows are known for their high-quality water tightness, thermal insulation, sound insulation and security features.

At Schnauber, we perform due diligence in selecting the best species of timber that can withstand any harsh weather condition. We combine technology with traditional aesthetics to produce bespoke timber tilt and turn windows with perfect air-seals and thermal insulations.  The combination of our technology, experience and resources means we can help you to customise your timber tilt and turn windows to suit your needs.

Our bespoke timber tilt and turn windows come with the finest German selection of handles and multi-point locking systems expertly designed to ensure your bespoke timber tilt and turn windows last. We also use a wide range of modern colours, double or triple glazing, CLT or LVL laminate materials to control the ‘u’ factor and to offer your property lots of ventilation.

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European look

Whether you want your bespoke timber tilt and turn windows to have a traditional or modern European look, we can help.


Quality materials and modern manufacturing methods ensure that the Heritage Slimline windows from Schnauber are guaranteed to last.

Low maintenance cost

The use of high quality timber and water sealed finishes ensures that Schnauber Heritage Slimline Timber windows are easy to maintain. Minimal maintenance is recommended every 5-10 years.

High level of safety and security

Our Heritage Slimline Timber windows are supplied with have multi-point locking systems for your safety and security.

High thermal efficiency

The Heritage Slimline Timber window is naturally resistant to heat loss. It is designed to help owners of historic property retain the character of their building whilst improving energy efficiency with the option of a slender double glazed unit.


Our manufacturing process, as well as our production of timber, is environmentally friendly.

Wooden aesthetic

The wooden aesthetic of timber Passive House windows can improve the appearance of your home or commercial building.

Low maintenance cost

Every Schnauber bespoke timber tilt and turn window is made using high quality customised water sealed finishes and requires very little maintenance.

Wooden aesthetic

We take pride in offering bespoke timber tilt and turn windows with beautiful wooden aesthetics.

A popular choice in mainland Europe, the tilt and turn window offers both an inward tilt and fully inward opening mechanism due to hinges at the side of the window and at the bottom of the window.
This style of wooden window is ideal for any type of property especially town houses, apartments and offices.

A tilt and turn window works well in atriums and areas requiring large amounts of glazing.
In buildings over three storeys where specialist cleaning equipment would be required.
If you are looking for a window that offers style and functionality then a wooden tilt and turn window, or pivot window, is the answer.

If you are looking for a timber window that is easy to operate.

If you require high levels of ventilation in your home.

If you want to maximise light.

The nature of the operation of the tilt and turn window ensures high levels of security. The window can be tilted from the bottom allowing secure ventilation.

If you have young children the nature of the opening mechanism of the windows means that they are child and elderly friendly. For additional peace of mind child locks can also be installed.

Excellent ‘U’ value of 1.2 W/m² available from double glazing or choose triple glazing to enhance the ‘U’ Value up to 0.79.

We use the latest German locking system to ensure the security and integrity of your tilt and turn wooden windows.
These windows can be fitted with a large range of ironmongery and additional features including safety restrictors, safety glass and trickle vents for background ventilation.

For a specific durability and aesthetic performance, hardwoods such as Oak can be specified. Typically however a treated softwood such as Scandinavian Redwood or Larch is selected and can often be just as durable. Both soft and hardwood varieties can be finished using a range of finishes including stains, varnish and paints matched to your exact colour requirements.
The wooden windows manufactured by Schnauber are all made from responsible and sustainable sources and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). As with all of Schnauber’s window types they provide excellent air permeability and water tightness ratings, ensuring minimum heat loss during winter months.
In a typical 3-4 bedroom home having windows replaced upstairs and downstairs it typically takes our team around 5-8 days.
The tilt and turn window is also the easiest style of window to clean inside and outside, with the tilt and turn mechanism enabling the cleaning of all panes to be carried out from inside the property. Appropriate locks ensure safe opening and fixing of positions for cleaning and maintenance.

All Schnuaber timber windows are pre-treated with a non-toxic wood preservative which ensures that maintenance is kept to a minimum. Your wooden tilt and turn windows will require some level of maintenance every 5-10 years. Following regular maintenance, the product should have a life span of 60+ years.
Schnauber’s wooden tilt and turn windows are the safest option available if you have a young family or for the elderly as they can be fitted with a 100 mm restrictor limiting the risk of a fall from height.

If ease of maintenance is a primary requirement, such as in apartments or office blocks, tilt and turn windows are an ideal solution.

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